Light Puck
Light Puck

Light Puck

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In The Dark?

Whether you're away from the bright lights of the city or the power has gone down, leaving you in near pitch-dark, this survival light kit gives you three different ways to see again.

Inside the amazingly compact, palm-sized Light Puck, you will find three mini flashlights, a flint striker with fast burning tinder, and four 5-hour candles to shine a light even on the darkest of long nights.

The Light Puck contains:

  • 5-hour candles (4 each)
  • Aluminum foil (10" x 10.75")
  • Cotton ball tinder (10 each)
  • Flint striker LED mini-flashlight (3 each).

When combined with the Fire Puck, you'll be toasty warm and in control of your environment. 

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