First-Aid Puck
First-Aid Puck

First-Aid Puck

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We often take our good health for granted.

Yet in a survival situation, even a small injury can grow into a life-threatening one without basic first aid.

Don't let the First Aid Puck's small size fool you: inside this palm-sized container,
you'll find much more than bandages.

Also included are sterile tools, antiseptics, and antibiotics to tend to your wounds.

Whether dealing with a gash to the arm or itching insect bites, the lightweight, and portable First Aid Puck is a fantastic kit you can store in your pocket or backpack.

The First Aid Puck contains:

  • Anti-Itch cream (1% hydrocortisone)
  • Cotton tip swabs (3 each, sealed in waterproof bag)
  • Extra-strength pain reliever
  • First aid antibiotic cream
  • Vinyl exam gloves (2 each, medium size)
  • Metal tweezers (sealed in waterproof bag)
  • Moleskin (2" x 3")
  • Roll adhesive tape (0.5 inch X 2.5 yards, latex free)
  • Safety pins (2 each, 2", sealed in waterproof bag)
  • Splinter removal lancet
  • Sterile gauze pads (2 each, 2" x 2")
  • Surgical blade (size #24)
  • Topical anesthetic burn cream
  • Triple antibiotic ointment Utility knife blade 
  • Waterproof bandages (4 each, 1" x 3")
  • Waterproof butterfly wound closures (4 each)
  • Wound wipes (2 each).

Pair the First Aid Puck and the Medicine Puck for an even more well-rounded medical field kit.

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